Every wine is unique: this is the philosophy and the method by which we work at Castel di Salve. Over the years we have learnt more and more to appreciate the qualities of the local vines. First Negroamaro, by choosing the best clones, experimenting in the cellar with the wine-making, paying attention to every detail of the refinement process.


We are firmly convinced that the variety of grape should be recognizable in the wine. So every wine transmits its own character and has a distinctive flavour. It is a combination of both the variety of the grape and the different method of processing each one which gives each wine its unique character and flavour. Armecolo, is a traditional wine ( Negroamaro and Malvasia nera di Lecce), wine has always been made like this in Salento, Negroamaro is sharp and indomitable and Malvasia, aromatic and dark, complements it to perfection.

But even here our philosophy of drinking wines when young is illustrated. In fact Armecolo is made in cold maceration: the grapes are macerated in steel vats at a temperature of 5° C as soon as they are destemmed. This temperature inhibits the action of the yeast and strengthens and preserves the particular aroma of the variety. Five Seven of our nine ten labels are pure, unblended wines. Apart from Armecolo which in local tradition is almost considered a mono-variety, Lama del Tenente, Santimedici Bianco and Priante are blends. Open them here now with just a click. You will find the processing methods and wine-tasting notes for each wine. Then if you don’t want to stop here, contact us. You can order wine or book a visit to the winery.