Our vineyards are in Puglia, in the Salento peninsular, in the province of Lecce in three areas: Supersano, Cutrofiano and Galatone. So have 3 different microclimates. From fresher soil with greater water retention, from the vines of Masseria Bosco Belvedere – Supersano – come our more aromatic reds, whites and rosé with an elegant and delicate herbaceous note.

The vines vary from 30 years old to those planted only a few years ago.

Planting type: espalier with spurred cordon.

Number of plants per hectare:

• 5500-5700 with planting distance 0.80 x 2.40 for young plants

• 3700 (approx) planting distance 2.40 x 1.20 for plants 20-36 years old