In retrospect the history of the company seems simple: an ancient wine cellar and a great passion for wine and for doing things well. Behind a strong family agricultural tradition. Thus in 1992 the new Castel di Salve winery was born, bringing back to life, in the same place, with the same name, the projects and the history of their ancestors, a story of wine and the winery first established here in 1885.


The first wine to be bottled was Armecolo, followed by three labels- a white, a red and a rosé, which were given the name Santimedici. Local tradition is all important here: a rosé and a red from Negroamaro and Lecce Malvasia nera- which have been produced in Salento for centuries but with an exceptionally fresh clean taste.

Today Castel di Salve produces hundreds of thousands of bottles with ten labels. With an eye to innovation, with a combination of a modern taste and great respect for local tradition, other wines were created: Priante, Lama del Tenente, a pure Primitivo and a pure Negroamaro, the Cento, and lastly the excellent Aleatico and the Lady Killer, a Malvasia nera di Lecce 100%.